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Virtual 24™

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Eliminate the need for that expensive office server.  Lease your own Virtual 24 Cloud based VPS and experience improved reliability and productivity at a fraction of the cost. You and your staff can connect seamlessly and run applications such as Msft, Quickbooks or your customized programs. Virtual 24 is designed to meet the needs of private contractors, enthusiasts, application developers, website hosting, or small busineses. Installation and setup is easy; be up and running in less than a day. Let RAH Remote Hands guide you every step of the way. 

Virtual Private Server 

The RAH Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is the smart move for cloud based OS and application flexibility.  Install the OS and it is your server to manage.  Or ask our experience staff to install and manage for you.  Our hardened datacenter environment protects your VPS by eliminating single point of HW failure, performs automated full system daily backup,  provides malware protection, HW firewall, redundant switching and much more.

Scale your VPS to meet the workload and application demands. Upgrade or downgrade CPU, Memory, Storage and Network dynamically to meet your needs.  Whether you are a single or multi-user or a small to medium business, RAH Remote Hands will work with you every step of the way during install and be there 24×7 to support your business. 

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Adminstrative Control

A VPS is ideal for hosting applications in a production or pre-production environment that you manage and control.  As VPS owner you have administrative privileges to manage how you wish.  Alternatively let RAH be you sys admin while you control your business. 

Your Server Goes With You.

Access anywhere, anytime.  Cloud based VPS is accessable on the road, at home, in the office. 

Hardened Datacenter Protection

Our Fortinet Hardware firewall and ESET Malware protection SW protects your Virtual Private Server against hacks and bad actors.  Your VPS is backed up daily via Veeam (best in the industry) backup software. Our 3 Node Windows Storage Space Direct clusters setup ensures triple hardware failure protection.  Single point of failures on power, switching and firewall hardware protects against unplanned downtime. 

Virtual 24™ Pricing

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