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Simple Cloud™

Windows Remote Desktop

Take advantage of pre-installed application installation such as Microsoft Access, Office 365 Suite, Quickbooks® and much more.  Via Windows Remote Desktop Connection (WRDC), this inexpensive package is ideal for single users, those in the office or working from home, college students and independent contractors looking to simplify their lives without the hassle of managing hardware or software complexities.

Windows Applications Anywhere, Anytime 

Remote Desktop with Quickbooks®, Office 365 & More

Are you a small business using the wide range of off the shelf Windows applications (Office, Google Docs, Quickbooks, etc.)? Are you working from home?

Simple Cloud™ offers you easy access to our Datacenter Servers Applications via a simple per user monthly subscription.  Simplify your life by tapping into Server processing power and free yourself of the complexity of application install and upgrades. Your data is continuously protected via our triple backup and recovery architecture. With Acronis Cloud Cyber Security included in the monthly fee, your data is always protected from Virus, Ransomware, Cyber attacks and more. Your data is always safe via RAID5 mirroring, Data Replication with Microsoft Storage Space Direct (WSSD) and 5-day revolving archiving and mirroring via Backup Chain professional backup software to our attached backup mirrored storage arrays.

Starting at $14.99/month

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On Demand

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (WRDC) allows users to have access to your application from almost any location. Take advantage of 4G, 5G and Wifi technology, whether at the office, at home or on the road.  An inexpensive one-time WRDC license is all you need to connect.  RAH will walk you through what is needed to get up and running.

Cost Effective

Simple Cloud reduces the capital costs for hardware and software outlays and replaces with a simple monthly connection and access subscription.  It is an inexpensive alternative to managing the complexities of hardware and software. hardware, software and Security updates are handled seamlessly and, of course, are included in the subscription price.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Access from anywhere, at any time and control staff, customers, friends and more sharing.  Our world class next gen Intel Server installations ensure everyone will have the optimal connection experience.

Secure, Safe

Acronis Cyber Security Software monitors your data environment and protects against Viruses, Malware and more. Your data is mirrored and replicated real time and backed up daily with 5 days of historical data should you need it. RAH offers ultimate piece of mind.

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