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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to transfer my operations to the cloud with RAH?
It depends, RAHrecommends running both local and cloud based environments till you feel comfortable. It can take as little as a few hours to a phased approach over days/weeks. Our support staff will advise you on the best approach.
What is the cloud and what is a virtual environment?
The cloud is simply a Datacenter where RAH has our servers installed. The servers are protected both physically and digitally from unauthorized bad actors. We take security very serious, running MSFT Datacenter 2019 data protection. Each customer is allocated dedicated server resources “aka virtual environment”, where their application runs autonomously with dedicated CPU, Memory and Disk allocation tailored to meet workload demands.
How often is my data backed up and is it safe?
RAH performs data mirroring which ensures your data is instantaneously backed up. At any point in time two copies of your data are present, giving you peace of mind. Windows security runs continuously ensuring only authorized users have access to the data.
What devices can be used to access my application?
Any device that can access the internet with rich content can access the applications, including Laptops, Desktop, iPads, iPhones, Android devices.
What applications are available to run in RAH?
Any application that runs in the Windows environment is a candidate for being loaded in the cloud on our Windows Servers.
What kind of applications can be configured by RAH?
Early and current Windows applications, legacy PC, DOS. If it runs on your laptop, it will run on RAH.
Will my users be able to print locally?
Yes, RAH will help you configure local printing. Local printer application SW will be installed on dedicated virtual machines will provide the customer with seamless printing capability.
Why RAH and not AWS or Msft Azure?
RAH caters to small businesses and provides special boutique support services. We specialize in getting to know our customers with US based support. No issue is too small and we are here to ensure our customers, no matter their size are able to take advantage of what the RAH has to offer. We are here for the thousands of small businesses that need personal and guided support.
How do I get started?
It’s easy. Live chat introductions and personal 1:1 with our support staff guide you to the next step. Over the 20 years in business we have guided our customers through setup and operation. Many ask why they didn’t go this route earlier.

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