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Business Essentials™

Cloud Hosting for Small Business

Move your small office or home business to the cloud to one of our Datacenter Servers and remove the complexities of managing your own hardware while Increasing operational efficiency.  Business Essentials offers limitless opportunities. With RAH at your side you can install pre-configured business and beta applications and be up and running in no time.

Business Cloud Solutions

Cloud Hosting for the Enthusiast & Small Businesses

Let RAH work with you to install your applications, whether this be for personal use or to support your business. Your Datacenter controlled environment is continuously protected with Acronis Cloud Cyber Security included free of charge. Your data is protected from Virus, Ransomware and Denial of Service attacks, and more.  Your data is always safe via RAID5 mirroring, Data Replication with Microsoft Storage Space Direct (WSSD) and 5-day revolving archiving and mirroring via Backup Chain professional backup software to our attached backup storage arrays.

Combined to make sure your data is protected and always available. Your Windows based applications can be up and running in less than a day, with upgrade options to more vCore, Memory, Storage and Network available at any time. Our support team will work with you should you need to customize to meet your needs.

Starting at $19.99/month

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Anywhere, Any Device

Access from anywhere, at any time from any modern internet device. Control access and privileges of staff, customers, friends and more.  Our world class next gen Intel Server installations will ensure everyone will have the optimal connection experience.  The Windows Remote Desktop Connection (WRDC) gives you the power to grant users access to your applications over the Internet from any location – at home, on the road, or in the office. 


Have RAH help you install your Linux or Windows applications.  RAH will grant the privileges needed to you to run your environment efficiently including remote user, data and application permissions. Hardware upgrades, technical resolution, etc. are taken care of as part of our service.   It could not get any easier.


Acronis Cyber Security Software monitors your Business Essential Installation and data to ensure you are protected against bad actors such as virus and malware.  In addition, your applications and data are mirrored via RAID 5, replicated thru Windows Storage Space Direct and backed up daily with Backup Chain Server software.  RAH offers ultimate piece of mind with triple protection of your environment.

Configurable HW

Match our hardware with your needs and configure to achieve optimal performance.  No matter how small we will ensure you get the personalized attention to get you up and running efficiently.  Scale up or down your hardware resource (vCore, Memory, Storage). RAH US based support provides the option to seamlessly and efficiently manage your environment to ensure your experience is never compromised.

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