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Business Essentials™

Cloud Hosting for the Small Business

Move your small office or home business to the RAH cloud servers.  RAH removes the complexities of managing your own hardware and licencing, and offers Increase flexibility and ease of use. RAH Business Essentials offers limitless opportunities.  Remote Hands will help you with installation and have you up and running in no time. Our support staff stay with you and are available 24×7.

Business Cloud Solutions

Cloud Hosting for the Small Business

Business Essentials allows you to run your business safely and securley from the cloud.  Let RAH Remote Hands guide you through your off the shelf (Quickbooks, Msft, Adobe, etc.) or customized installations.  You are protected against virus, malware and bad actors with data backed up daily. Our hight availability hardened architecture eliminates single point of harware failure to ensure continuous uptime to our clients. 

RAH Remote Hands US based support team will work with you before, during setup.  Should you need further assistance or customizations, they are available 24×7.

Starting at $19.99/month/user

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Anywhere, Any Device

Access from anywhere, at any time from any modern internet device. Control access and privileges of staff, customers, friends and more.  Our world class Intel Server installations will ensure everyone will have the optimal connection experience.  The Windows Remote Desktop Connection allows team acces to your applications over the Internet from any location – at home, on the road, or in the office.

Remote Support

Have RAH Remote Hands help you install your Linux or Windows applications.  RAH will grant the privileges needed to you to run your environment efficiently including remote user, data and application permissions. Technical resolution, etc. are taken care of as part of our service.   It could not get any easier.

Secure, Hardened

The RAH Fortinet Servers monitors and protects your Business Essential Installation against bad actors, virus and malware.  Daily backup via Veeam provides disaster recovery and the RAH hardended HW installation eliminates single point of failures via Windows Storage Space Direct and redundant power, switch and firewall.  RAH delivers piece of mind to the small business owner such that they can focus on their business.  

Configurable, Scalable

Match our hardware with your needs and configure to achieve optimal performance.  No matter how small we will ensure you get the personalized attention to get you up and running efficiently.  RAH can scale up or down with you via dedicated vCore, Memory, Storage to match your environment. 

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