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About Us

RemoteAppHosting.Net (RAH) is a Datacenter hosting company and has been serving our customers for over 20 years.  We cater to the small business, enthusiast and single users looking to take advantage of Datacenter flexibility, security and reliability.  We specialize in hosting custom applications, single users and small companies in the cloud. Our experienced team has taken our customers through thousands of successful installations. RAH prides itself in 1:1 personalized customer service. Our testimonials, we feel, say it all, where service and our willingness to work hand in hand differentiates us from the rest. Central to our business imperatives are customer satisfaction and peace of mind.  We have invested heavily in Hardware and Software to ensure we have a reliable server environment where our customer data is safe, secure and free from cyber threats.


Why RAH?

Personalized Support

Don’t worry about the details, we address those.  Our US based support staff will guide you through a seamless install experience and remote access setup. Our experts will partner with you to install your Linux and/or Windows applications. Whether the application is proprietary or industry standard each install is treated with an attention to detail and support.  Once installed we are only a phone call away to assist where we can.


Small Business Ready

As small businesses adapt to the “new business normal” (COVID, cloud acceleration etc..), the move to the cloud is considered a smart move for many looking to keep expenses manageable while improving flexibility and efficiency.  Company employees working remotely versus on premise is now becoming a realized advantage for many businesses.  As advances in technology continue, maintaining the office server or workstation is not what the growing business wants to focus on.  On-Premise such as under the desk, in the back office, is moving to Off-Premise.

RAH is well positioned to meet the “new normal”, and have invested in the latest generation of Server equipment, software and tools.  We know how critical security, safety and reliability is to the small business owner.  Our quadruple data protection (RAH-TQ) via Windows Server 2019, RAID, Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct, Windows Defender, Acronis Cyber Security and Backup Chain professional Server software offer the ideal environment at a very competitive price.  RAH solutions are architected to address todays “new normal” opportunities.  Our Tier 3 Datacenter with 99.982% uptime, redundant backup power, backup generator and high-speed bandwidth pipe make us Small Business Ready!!


Investing in Tomorrow

RAH will continue to invest to support the small business, single user, enthusiast, who are driving the growing Off Premise Cloud transition.  Our alignment with our hardware equipment provider, Cyber Security and Backup up partners are essential to your piece of mind.  No matter how small or big your business, RAH will scale with you.


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