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Simple Cloud

Windows Remote Desktop

Access Microsoft Office 365 Suite, Quickbooks® and much more. Ideal for single users in the office or working from home, college students or independent contractors looking to eliminate the hassle of managing hardware and software complexities.


Business Essentials

Cloud Hosting Server

Move your small office or home business to the cloud to one of our Datacenter Servers.  Remove the complexities of managing your own hardware while Increasing operational efficiency.


Virtual 24

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Lease a Datacenter Virtual Private Server (DC-VPS) from RAH.  We offer flexible configurations choices, tailoring server resources to user requirements.  Ideal for enthusiasts or small business looking for the simplicity a virtual server can provide.


Private Access

Dedicated Private Cloud (DPC)

Enjoy the benefits of a physical (Bare Metal) Dedicated Private Server in our Datacenter (DC-DPS). Designed for small and medium businesses or individuals needing secure, safe and reliable cloud computing without the capital outlay and hardware management hassle. 


20 Years of Personalized Service

RAH customers appreciate our personalized service with 1:1 support from our experienced US based support staff.  We have invested in the latest hardware and software server technology to ensure reliable and predictable service.  Our Tier3 Datacenter offers 99.982%, 24×7 uptime rating. RAH-TQ technology offers piece of mind that your data is backed up and safe. Our protection suite involves mirroring of data in case of a hard disk failure, real-time data replication to protect your work environment in case of server disruption and daily backup with 5 days rolling data for disaster recovery to our mirrored storage arrays. Power redundancy protects against power outage and finally we are backed up via generators to help protect against a power blackout.

The RAH Cloud Experience

RAH product portfolio allows you to access to  a Physical “Bare Metal” Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Business and and single user accounts.  Our customers run Linux and Windows applications free from the burden of managing their own hardware or the hassle of managing cybersecurity protection and backup.  RAH is adapting our business model to meet the working from home “new normal” where small businesses are moving from a fixed location to a more flexible and remote environment. Give us a call or send an email.  We want to work with you to have you take advantage of our competitive and low-cost cloud-based services.

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Mobile Ready

Access your application from any smartphone device or desktop computer anywhere. Even on the beach!

File Sharing

Share files and folders with multiple users and groups online.

Remote Access

Keep your office productive even if your staff is stuck working from home.

Secure & Safe

Our team handles the day-to-day management, security and data backup of your remote application.


Our server up time and reliability are rated (A+) for best in business.

Cloud Configurable

Configure any Windows or Mac OS application, including DOS, old legacy, 32, and 16 bit.

Business Applications

Safe and Secure Remote Hosting & Backups

Hosted Applications

Intuit Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks Premiere, & Quickbooks Enterprise Accounting Software

Remote Printing

Remote Application Hosting ensures printing capability will always work. No additional or extra software installation or setup required. User can print on any type of printer and will see their local printers.

Shared & Private Storage

Storage can be configured to provide both shared and private storage and work spaces.

Cloud Hosting For Small & Corporate Businesses

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Simple & Easy Setup

One Click Installs

Our company provides seamless installation, hosting, and remote access for existing Window’s based applications. Our experts ensure your Windows applications run flawlessly, with full capabilities, on our servers, with easy access from any device, anywhere, anytime.

QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Remote Desktop & More

Scalable & Easy to Use for Single User or Groups

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Client Consulting & Tech Support Available

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