What Makes Us Different?

Our company provides seamless installation, hosting, and remote access for existing Window’s based applications. Our experts ensure your Windows applications run flawlessly, with full capabilities, on our servers, with easy access from any device, anywhere, anytime. Remote Application Hosting also provides full storage capacity, ongoing security, maintenance, and data back-up services.


With over 20 years of experience, Remote Application Hosting has successfully installed hundreds of applications in terminal server environments.

We provide specialized consulting services to fortune corporations, including Microsoft and Citrix. Using our troubleshooting expertise, we create solutions that enable their fortune 500 clients, including FedEx and Sears, to easily run proprietary applications in remote server environments.

We also offer access to a library of popular software configured to work in our server environments.

Flawless Functionality

Our experts ensure any Windows application is 100% compatible with our server environment.  We configure client connectivity to maintain consistent  and reliable access. Our host servers are regularly maintained and data back-up configurations ensure no interruption in service.

Ease of Use

Remote Application Hosting provides set up and configuration services so application users can easily use an application on any device, access private and shared storage and workspaces, and even use their own set of printers. The experience of using your application will be the same, only with faster processing speeds, more storage capacity, and accessible anywhere, anytime.


Remote Application Hosting provides isolated environments where multiple users can run copies of a single application simultaneously. We support multiple applications in a virtual desktop environment and repositories in a centralized storage location. All services are available for single or multiple users.