Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can be used to access my application? 

Users can access an application from any device, including iPads, iPhones, Android, and internet browsers.

What applications are available in the Remote Application Hosting library?

The following applications are already configured for remote access:

QuickBooks, Act, Quicken, Mas90, Prime clinical, Medical manager, Clamed, DeskManger (Automanager), Dealer Click, Dealer mate, OMS accounting,  Most of SQL client software, Gmed, Praxis, Medisoft, Genesis 2000, Elimae, Peach tree, Blue Cherry, calyx Point, Traverse

What kind of applications can be configured by Remote Application Hosting?

We can configure any Windows or Mac OS application, including DOS, old legacy, 32, and 16 bit.

Will my Users be able to print locally?

Remote Application Hosting ensures printing capability will always work. No additional or extra software installation or setup required. User can print on any type of printer and will see their local printers.

Will my application still work with multiple monitors?

Yes, Remote Application Hosting can configure applications to work with single and multiple monitors.

Can Users share and have private storage and workspaces?

Storage can be configured to provide both shared and private storage and workspaces.