Data Center

Our Primary Data Center in is in Downtown Los Angeles at One Wilshire, the Premier location for all telecom communications West of Mississippi. Our Data Center provides 24 Hour Security and Surveillance, requiring Identification and Biometrics (palm and figure print) in order to gain access. The Server cabinets are always locked and have 24 Hour live monitoring for power, temperature and internet. One of our staff is always on call 24/7, in case our Data Center monitoring software alerts us.

We have 4 Server clusters; a mixture of HP and Dell servers running VMware, hyper V and Citrix.

  • We have local historical Backups done every night and can restore backups upon customer’s request.
  • We utilize State of the Art storage devices from Dell, NetApp and IBM.
  • Our Data Center is synched with our Dallas backup Data Center every 5 hours.
  • We have over 21 Years of Experience in the IT Service and Support business.